Unnoticeably Noticeable

I used to wonder why I would allow myself to settle for situationships that were unquestionably less than ideal. In this moment, I realize that a large piece of it can be attributed to the fact that it’s nice to know that someone is thinking of you… Even if you aren’t the only one on their mind or that they’re sending “checking in” messages to. You at least made the list of being someone they send the good morning or good night to… or whatever it may be. You know you’re a number on the list, but sometimes it’s just nice being noticed.

4 thoughts on “Unnoticeably Noticeable”

  1. Did the person make you feel special and you had their undivided attention most or all the time while the two of you talked on the phone or were together hanging out, even through it was a situationship?


    1. Ok, I know I’m not quick to get in an official exclusive relationship because I take being in a relationship serious and don’t want to get in one too quick and realize we not as compatible as I first thought. However, with that said, if you and the guy hanging out together on a regular on the weekends and it’s been a over two months, he should know what he want about that time. Therefore, when a guy doesn’t , make sure you stop doing some of the things he love, because if you doing everything in a situationship, that you would in a relationship, he doesn’t have the incentive to get in one with you. Last, be direct and give him an ultimatum if needed as well, because people do what we accept, allow, and tolerate.

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